Choosing an Invitation for Your Wedding

Choosing an Invitation for Your Wedding

Wedding invitations today come in a variety of materials and styles so you need to look at the offerings online very carefully. All wedding invitations, when ordered online, are designed to complement your wedding’s theme. However, again, you will find that the wedding invitation options are numerous. So, take your time and review the selection before making a choice.

Choosing an Invitation for Your Wedding

You can choose from an extensive range of styles, including the following:

  • Letterpress wedding invitations
  • Foiled invitations
  • Lace wedding invitations
  • Embossed invitations
  • Laser-cut wedding invitations
  • Destination invitations
  • Designer invitations
  • Acrylic invitations
  • Hardcover invitations
  • Couture invitations

You can also locate DIY wedding invitations online including photographic invitations and verko (raised-print) invitations. So, the main challenges involved in choosing an invitation entail short-listing your choices and selecting the fonts and style.

Acrylic Invitations

One of the contemporary yet unique alternatives to traditional wedding invitations are acrylic invites. These invitations always provide a touch of class and make a positive impression on the recipient. In fact, invitations made of acrylic are suitable for any occasion, not just weddings. Use the invitations for such events as engagement parties, birthday celebrations, product launches, corporate hosted events, or another similar gathering.

When selecting acrylic invitations, you can have them customised to your exact needs by using a bespoke design studio that offers the invitations online. For instance, studio offerings such as Inspired Design wedding invitations can be customised to your specific wedding theme. Therefore, the fonts, design, and colours can be interchanged. Just make sure you can meet the minimum invitation requirements before making a selection.

Hard Cover Invitations

One of the ornate types of invitations that many brides and grooms choose are hard cover invitations. Since an invitation is the first glimpse of a special occasion, hard cover invitations are certainly memorable. They also make wonderful mementos or keepsakes.

Invitations of this style are made of premium-quality metallic card stock and can be embellished with lace, ribbons, decorative paper, diamantes, or buckles. When you use a bespoke studio, the invitations can be customised to reflect your own unique style and theme or to complement the theme of your wedding or engagement party.

Lace Wedding Invitations

If you like frilly, feminine, or Victorian styles, then you will be drawn to the lace wedding invitations that are featured by online studios. This type of invitation has been a classic and popular feature of many elegant weddings over time. Studios offer a broad range of lace wedding invitations, each especially designed to complement traditional wedding styles.

For example, you can choose invitations that feature black and white stripes with black lace and bows or opt for invitations that feature Chantilly lace with white or ivory card stocks. Invitations are also featured that come in such colours as pale blue or light pink. Even orange, white, and black are highlighted among these elegant selections.

Regardless of the type of invitation you choose, it is nice to know that you can make a selection online. By browsing over the choices, you not only will have fun but you can more easily find just the right invitation to mark a special wedding or event.

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