Why men’s cardigans are perfect for Spring

Why men’s cardigans are perfect for Spring

With so many options available it can get confusing when talking about stylish cardigans for spring. The cardigan is perfect for spring when it’s a little too cool for bare arms, but chunky knit jumpers are simply too hot and heavy. The cardigan has gained popularity with the men and can work with any style you are going for. Its funny the cardigan was known as older peoples clothing to wear around the fire and complain about what’s happening in the world. The cardigan has come far from those days now and is on top of the fashion list for styling. Cardigans still have the classic look perfect for older people then there are young modern styles too.

Why men’s cardigans are perfect for Spring

Cardigans can be worn either unbuttoned or buttoned whichever you prefer. When left open they show a clean style giving you options to add something else to your outfit like a patterned tee underneath.

The longline cardigan

This cardigan is perfect for spring, and the cooler days as well. The longline has a casual look to it and goes well with skinny jeans for a simple look. The fabric is lightweight and makes it easy to mix and match with textures with its cowl necklines.
A shawl collar cardigan
A shawl collar cardigan is the lightweight version of the bomber jacket. It is a chunkier design with a warmer fabric that suits well with plain tees and denim jeans.

Button up cardigan styles

A button-up cardigan style can send you into the elderly fashion side of things, but you can add style to the look. To do this you need to keep any buttons small; big buttons will spoil the look. It is possible to pull off the whole 3-piece suit style with this cardigan by wearing it with the buttons up. If you choose to do this, it’s important to match it up with the right pants and a colored tee underneath the cardigan.
When deciding what type of cardigan, you are after you need to not only go for what is comfortable but make sure you have the correct fit. If you prefer a laid-back look, then you can go for loose-fitting cardigans and simple pants like skinny jeans. If you want a stylish look then you can go for a tighter fit cardigan with more of a suit type pair of pants. There are so many options out there among all the colors, patterns, textures and everything else in between.
Make sure you don’t look swamped by your cardi and check to see if the seam at your torso runs up your sleeve and across your shoulder blade. Play around with designs and if you aren’t sure you can seek the advice from a professional fashion fitter to ensure you get the right fit for your body shape.

Men’s cardigans are the perfect addition to any outfit without the bulk of a chunky knit jumper and heavier materials used in the bomber jacket.

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